SKF-VST on Aurora Mixer (and CDM!)

Single Knob Filter - screenshot My beautiful kid open-source VST plugin Single Knob Filter appeared on Create Digital Music, making me really proud. :-)

It made the news because it’s being shipped with the Ableton live presets for the Aurora open-source DJ mixer/controller. That’s the beauty of open-source projects: you really never know where they will end showing up.

Fri 29 | Aug/2008 | Tags: Ableton Live,English,News,VST

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2 Responses to “SKF-VST on Aurora Mixer (and CDM!)”

  1. sirio Says:
    23/Feb/2009 at 6:05 am

    I thinks is great vst for the live!!! Thanks i use to much for my live act :=) but now i chanche my pc with a macbook. :( you dont think will exit a realease for mac? sorry for my english bye bye djsirio

    FZero: Unfortunately I don’t have a mac version yet. And that’s quite unfortunate because I’ve also switched to a mac, so right now I can’t use my own plugin! I’ll try to find another synth-editing app so I can produce a cross-platform version.

  2. sirio Says:
    26/Feb/2009 at 10:14 am

    Thank man for your answer! witch software do you use?? THnaks bye bye

    FZero: These days, mainly Ableton Live. But sometimes I use some oldschool trackers and test weird stuff like algorythmic sequencers and modular (i.e. Max/MSP-like) environments.